30 Oct

Changes to the signup process

Hello CellSenders!

Today we added a “sync-check” to the signup process.
What does that mean? It’s simple – during the signup process, you will see a rectangular box with a message letting you know the system is waiting for you to complete the process by using your mobile device.

Once you scan the bar-code to link your device, the box will let you know that the link is complete.

We hope this change will make the signup process a little better and easier to understand.
This change applies to people who wish to signup for a new CellSend account from our homepage, there is no change to the signup process from our mobile site.

Enjoy and happy sending! :)

17 Oct

We Have a Firefox Extension!

We are happy to announce that our Firefox extension is now ready for you to use!

A link to download the extension can be found on our homepage, if you visit it using Firefox.
You can also download it directly from here.

After you download the extension file, just drag and drop it onto Firefox to install it.
After the installation is complete, make sure that the “Add-on Bar” is visible in Firefox.
You will see our CellSend logo in the bottom right corner of the window:

CellSend Firefox Extension

We hope you enjoy this latest addition to the CellSend service.
Don’t forget, we LOVE feedback! Feel free to let us know if you have any problems or suggestions by Emailing, Posting on our Facebook page or Tweeting us!