31 Jul

Version 2.6 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera is out

CellSend for Chrome and Opera

Hey there!

We just released version 2.6 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera (2.6.1)!

In this version we completely rebuild our JavaScript code to offer better security and improved speed.

We also did some minor UI changes:

  • The “Logout” button has moved to the top right corner, just under the version number
  • Reduced font size of texts
  • Updated image icons for a smoother look on high resolution displays
  • New loader animation

The update has been submitted to the Opera Gallery and the Chrome Web Store, you should get it automatically once it’s approved – this can take between a couple of hours and even days at some cases.

07 Jul

Version 2.5 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera is out

We just released version 2.5 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera!

This update brings some of the mobile app’s recently added features into your browser!

Here are the full release  notes:

  • Brand new design
  • Send pictures to your devices from the extension
  • Save a post by “starring” it
  • New delete dialog
  • New browser icon for the extension
  • Minor bug fixes

An update for our Firefox add-on is coming soon.

The update should reach you in the next few hours, or manually go to your browser’s extensions page and check for updates.

02 Jul

Introducing CellSend 2.5!

It’s been over 9 months since we released CellSend 2.0.

Today, we are happy to unveil version 2.5!

This is the largest update to CellSend since version 2 and we have allot of new features to show you!

Take a look at our new promo video and check out the full info on this version below:

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