28 Aug

Version of CellSend for Chrome and Opera is out

CellSend for Chrome and Opera

We released this small update to our Opera and Chrome add-ons to fix a bug with highlighting some text and using the context menu to send it.

For Chrome, we now use the Chrome Notifications to let you know the text was sent (when using context menus).

Once this functionality is available in Opera’s “stable” version we will add it there as well.

Chrome Notifications

Chrome Notifications

27 Aug

Version 2.6 of Our Mobile Web App is Out!

CellSend WebApp

It has been about 2 months since we release version 2.5, one of the biggest versions we ever released. Today we release version 2.6.

There are only a couple of minor visible changes you might notice in this version but make no mistake – this version is a HUGH change as we completely rewrote the code that handles loading your list of texts.

Check out the full release notes below

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22 Aug

New Logo!


Happy Friday!

To celebrate, we are happy to show off our new logo!


You may already saw it on your phone as the CellSend app icon but today we officially changed it everywhere.

(Our browser extensions still show the old logo – that will change in an upcoming version update for all add ons)

And as an added bonus we also have a new video for you – check it out below:

We hope you like it, please feel free to tell us what you think!

18 Aug

Version 2.6.4 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera is out

CellSend for Chrome and Opera

We released version 2.6.4 of our Chrome and Opera extensions.

This is a minor update to fix some bugs and polish the UI.

Here are the full release notes:

  • Fix a bug with refreshing the starred texts list
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the list of texts would not refresh
  • Updated “star” icon for texts
  • Updated “delete” icon for texts

The update should be available for everyone within the next few hours.

11 Aug

Version 2.6.3 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera is out

CellSend for Chrome and Opera

We released a small update to our Chrome and Opera extensions.

This update adds speed and security improvements, as well as minor UI changes.

Please note – we are aware of an issue with our Opera add-on preventing you from sending pictures. This is an issue in the Opera browser, we are working with their development team to try and solve it.

We will let you know once the bug has been fixed.

03 Aug

New Homepage!

CellSend Homepage

Hey there!

We are very happy to announce that we just finished updating our homepage!

Just like our web app, our new design is fully responsive and will look amazing on all your devices!

We also updated our signup flow a bit, you now don’t need to scan a QR code to activate your account – just login to any of the CellSend products using your code and your account will be activate!

Go ahead and take a look – www.cellsend.net

We hope you enjoy this new design, if you have any questions, remarks or just wanna say hi, please feel free to contact us.