26 Sep

Version 2.7.1 of Our Mobile Web App is Out!

CellSend WebApp

We just released version 2.7.1 of our mobile web app.

This version adds better transition between views for all items and starred items.

With this update, switching views, by tapping the star icon in the top left corner of the app, is done much faster and it also fixed a problem where sometimes the app would get “stuck” switching views.

If you added CellSend to your phone’s homescreen, you may need to open and close the app at least once to see the updated version (note the version number listed just above your personal verification code).

04 Sep

Version 2.6.5 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera is out

CellSend for Chrome and Opera

We just released version 2.6.5 of our Chrome and Opera add-ons.

This update brings a couple of major updates to our signup and login flows.

If you are not logged in to CellSend, you will see a new welcome screen allowing you to either login or create a new account.

Existing users, who are already logged in to CellSend, will not see the welcome screen.

Here are the full release notes:

  • New welcome screen for users who are not logged in
  • Cleaner UI for the login signup process
  • Ability to create a new CellSend account right from the add-on
  • Updated the maximum length of texts to 5000 characters (previously 2500)
  • Minor bug fixes

As always, we love feedback! Good or bad – we’ll take it. Please feel free to contact us or drop us a comment over on FacebookTwitter or Google+