02 Jul

Introducing CellSend 2.5!

It’s been over 9 months since we released CellSend 2.0.

Today, we are happy to unveil version 2.5!

This is the largest update to CellSend since version 2 and we have allot of new features to show you!

Take a look at our new promo video and check out the full info on this version below:

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07 Jan

Check out our radio ad

Check out our new radio ad, which will play over The Brian Craig Show.

You can listen to the ad right here:

Be sure to check out The Brian Craig Show and keep an ear out for our ad as well! 

12 Nov

Improvements to the CellSend engine

We made some improvements to the CellSend engine – the services and code behind the scene of all CellSend products.

The changes we made will bring you faster loading time when sending texts and refreshing the text stream in the mobile web app and the Chrome extension.

We measured an improvement of about 1.2 seconds when refreshing the text stream on a standard 3G connection and about 0.9 seconds when sending a text.

We are always working hard on providing you the best experience when using our services! If you have any problems or want to suggest improvements please let us know!

02 Nov

History size upgraded to 20

Hello CellSenders!
We just wanted to let you know that we upgraded your history size to 20 texts!

CellSend will now show you a history of the last 20 texts (instead of 10) sent from your computer and your mobile devices (20 texts each).

No need to do anything – this change has already been applied to all CellSend products!

Have fun and keep on sending!

09 Dec

Updates to our mobile site

For those of you who don’t know, when you visited our homepage (www.cellsend.net) from a mobile device you would have gotten a simplified version of our main site.

Today we relaunched our mobile site with a brand new design!
The new site has 3 main options:

  1. A short “About Us” section for people to learn what is CellSend
  2. A “Launch the App” button which allows you to enter your verification code and open your web app
  3. A “Create an Account” button for people to create a free CellSend account
Mobile Site Screenshot

Mobile Site Screenshot

With this new design, we got rid of the “Link your device” option, since it is no longer needed.

We hope this makes things simpler for people visiting our site from a smartphone.