02 Jul

Introducing CellSend 2.5!

It’s been over 9 months since we released CellSend 2.0.

Today, we are happy to unveil version 2.5!

This is the largest update to CellSend since version 2 and we have allot of new features to show you!

Take a look at our new promo video and check out the full info on this version below:

The 2 biggest features in this version are Pictures and Stars.

You can now share pictures across devices right from CellSend! Simply tap the camera icon to take a new photo or choose an existing one.

Share a Photo

Share a Photo

The 2nd huge feature we have for you is “Stars”. You can “star’ a text or image to easily find it later.

Stared Text

Stared Text

You can switch between seeing just your stared texts or all of them by tapping the big star icon on the top left corner of the app.

When you star something, it will be saved within your CellSend account forever so you will never loose your important stuff!

If this wasn’t enough for you, checkout the full list of updates:

  • New, clean layout.
  • Pictures – share pictures across all your devices right from the app.
  • Stars – Save your more important texts or pictures by “starring” them for easy reference.
  • Auto rotate image – Sometimes, the pictures on your phone are upside-down. CellSend will automatically rotate them for you!
  • New Call SMS dialog – tap a phone number in the app to open the new “Call” or “SMS” dialog with a beautiful new design.
  • New “Open In…” dialog – tap the [open in] icon to see the new popup with clean new design.
  • New Delete dialog – tap the trash can icon to open a clean new dialog to confirm your decision.
  • Better performance – we rebuilt allot of the code to provide a smother, fast feel for the app. It should also improve the performance on older devices.
  • Extended support for the Hebrew language.
  • Faster loading – we improved the time it takes to refresh your feed and open the app.
  • Improved Reader Mode – the Reader now has better scrolling for long texts and improved loading time.
  • Improved Progress bar – When switching between sections of the app or performing an operation, you will see a progress bar letting you know the operation is being executed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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