11 Aug

Version 2.6.3 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera is out

CellSend for Chrome and Opera

We released a small update to our Chrome and Opera extensions.

This update adds speed and security improvements, as well as minor UI changes.

Please note – we are aware of an issue with our Opera add-on preventing you from sending pictures. This is an issue in the Opera browser, we are working with their development team to try and solve it.

We will let you know once the bug has been fixed.

03 Aug

New Homepage!

CellSend Homepage

Hey there!

We are very happy to announce that we just finished updating our homepage!

Just like our web app, our new design is fully responsive and will look amazing on all your devices!

We also updated our signup flow a bit, you now don’t need to scan a QR code to activate your account – just login to any of the CellSend products using your code and your account will be activate!

Go ahead and take a look – www.cellsend.net

We hope you enjoy this new design, if you have any questions, remarks or just wanna say hi, please feel free to contact us.

31 Jul

Version 2.6 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera is out

CellSend for Chrome and Opera

Hey there!

We just released version 2.6 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera (2.6.1)!

In this version we completely rebuild our JavaScript code to offer better security and improved speed.

We also did some minor UI changes:

  • The “Logout” button has moved to the top right corner, just under the version number
  • Reduced font size of texts
  • Updated image icons for a smoother look on high resolution displays
  • New loader animation

The update has been submitted to the Opera Gallery and the Chrome Web Store, you should get it automatically once it’s approved – this can take between a couple of hours and even days at some cases.

07 Jul

Version 2.5 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera is out

We just released version 2.5 of CellSend for Chrome and Opera!

This update brings some of the mobile app’s recently added features into your browser!

Here are the full release  notes:

  • Brand new design
  • Send pictures to your devices from the extension
  • Save a post by “starring” it
  • New delete dialog
  • New browser icon for the extension
  • Minor bug fixes

An update for our Firefox add-on is coming soon.

The update should reach you in the next few hours, or manually go to your browser’s extensions page and check for updates.

02 Jul

Introducing CellSend 2.5!

It’s been over 9 months since we released CellSend 2.0.

Today, we are happy to unveil version 2.5!

This is the largest update to CellSend since version 2 and we have allot of new features to show you!

Take a look at our new promo video and check out the full info on this version below:

Read More

01 May

Version 2.1.1 of Our Mobile Web App is Out!

We just released version 2.1.1 of our mobile web app.

This version adds a link to the tutorial screen, in-case you wanted to see it again – just click the question mark icon on the top right corner of the screen.

We also crushed a few bugs!

Checkout the full release notes below.

  • New link to the tutorial screen from inside the app.
  • Fixed a visual bug when trying to delete a text you just sent.
  • Fixed a bug where if sending a text failed, the text would disappear from the text box.
  • Stability and performance improvements
17 Apr

Help Support CellSend

As you may have noticed, CellSend is a free service.

We do not ask you to pay for any part of it nor ask for donations, and we never will.

Also, CellSend does not offer any in-service ads. We believe that placing ads will hinder the user experience.

Having said that, running a free service can be expensive at times.
To that end, we started placing ads on our homepage.

Please note that you will not see ads within the service itself – only on our main homepage (www.cellsend.net).
Our browser extensions, web interface and mobile app will NOT show ads.

If you like CellSend and wish to support our efforts – please go to our homepage and checkout some of the ads.

Thank you for you support!

— The CellSend Team

31 Mar

Version 2.0.8 of CellSend for Chrome, Opera and Firefox is out

We released a minor update to all our browser extensions, fixing a small bug when sending content to CellSend using the context menus.

Chrome and Opera users – the extension should automatically update within the next few days.

Firefox users – please go to your add-ons page (Tools -> Add-ons or Ctrl.+Shift+A), click the settings icons (the gears icon) and select “Check for Updates”.

Happy Sending!